Sunday, 7 June 2015

Epiphany Term: Awards and Events

As well as elite sportsmen, GCBC promotes personal development and well rounded individuals, this sociability has even been recognised by the likes of Durham Amateur Rowing Club (DARC.)  Throughout Epiphany term GCBC enjoyed a plethora of events to celebrate the success of the club as well as particularly rewarding individuals within it.

Beginning the term, Grey rowers descended on DARC after a civilised drinks reception in Grey's SCR. Here they were met with a further drinks reception, followed by a three course meal, a
Cheesecake chums:
Senior women enjoying dessert at the Annual
Boat Club Ball 
particular highlight for the Senior Women was the chocolate cheesecake, Frankie confirms 'It was a true gift from God.'

Speeches were made by the captains as they handed over their roles. Club Captain, Josh Goswell welcomed Tim Peterson to presidency whilst Andrew Loucks passed on Men's captaincy to David Drury and Hannah Bettridge made way for Harriet Freestone as Women's captain.
GCBC would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the captains for their hard work and integral positions in the running of the club.

The night then proceeded, with some rowers making it to Jimmy's - all thanks to the event hosts, Rich Pearce and Ipek Akay who also terminated their time in social sec office, initiating Charlie Marlow, Arabella Brook and Ronni Anand.

Just a few weeks later, GCBC attended Sportspersons' formal. Sadly only a proportion of the club could be taken, yet GCBC still prevailed as one of Grey's most successful sports clubs dominating the dining room and almost having to turn people away.
The overpopulation of GCBC resulted in quite a stir with the possibility of malnourished rowers and a lack of wine.
Members of the GCBC family even offered to share their food whilst onlooking catering staff were becoming increasingly agitated. But fortunately the seating issue was resolved ensuring no GCBC member was left behind. (The wine conundrum was sorrowfully only met with Nicola's astringency)
More awards were collected, this time by: Hannah Bettridge as the Women's Player's Player; Laura Fitzgibbon as the Women's Captain's Player; Josh Goswell as the Men's Player's Player and George Bushell as the Men's Captain's Player.
Squad Goals:
GCBC at Sportspersons' Formal 

Following this GCBC also took President's Guest Night, where more senior members of the club were recognised for their longitudinal commitment. Commendations were received by: Andrew Loucks, Tim Long, Harriet Freestone, Sean Waring, Harry Dodds and Maddie Winard. Colours were obtained by: Josh Goswell, David Drury, Rich Pearce, Anna Kenton, Ipek Akay and Hannah Bettridge.

So the epiphany term celebrated the success of the club as well as providing a renewed leadership and executive team, that can confidently carry GCBC to further success.

In addition to this, GCBC was also represented at the Durham Colleges and University Rowing Ball strengthening bonds between GCBC and other college rowing clubs. The ball was set up in 2014 by members of Collingwood in order to alleviate competitive aggression, This camaraderie provides great positivity for future rowing.

Does he even go here?
Can't blame him for wanting to be a part of GCBC:
GCBC representatives at the university wide rowing ball

Friday, 29 May 2015

Hayward Cup

Even Valentine's day could not perturb GCBC rowers from their dreams of victory. So on Saturday February 14th GCBC ventured on mass into the unknown realms of Stockton.

As well as awakening the rowers to unexplored territory, the X12 also delivered them at Hayward Cup. The event is a four kilometre head race, stretching from Teal Corner to the Infinity bridge on the River Tees. Held annually, Hayward cup is jointly hosted by Stephenson College Boat Club and John Snow College Boat Club. The cup itself is a Victor Ludorum prize for the colleges of Durham and is presented to the highest point scoring college across all eight events. In addition the Queens Cup is also an esteemed trophy awarded to the fastest timed college across the event.
A wealth of support was hurled by Women's Captain
 - Harriet Freestone, from the Infinity Bridge
(sadly race day was much less picturesque than that captured in this image)

GCBC donned their lycra in force, (some also sporting amorously festive facial artwork, enforced by Tim) with representatives from all squads - senior women and men as well as fresher women and men. 

The Women Freshers Eight performed a particularly impressive race completing the course in just 0:17:32 whilst also beating Hatfield, St. Johns and Butler College Boat Clubs. So congratulations to the girls who are providing a very promising vision for GCBC future.

The Senior Womens four also shared in this success coming second in their division with a time of 0:19:08, which contented the squad as it was an improvement on their Rutherford time. Nicola, the cox affirmed she was elated with the efforts of the 'Hayward Honnies.'
Senior Women's four 

Likewise, Fresher Men achieved a valiant time of 0:16:34. They battled the elements - weather conditions were not preferable and caused great discomfort to all teams which was only worsened by the joyous head race wait - attacked the course and gained invaluable racing experience. 

The experience of the Senior Men was evidenced through their sterling performance in which they finished with a time of 0:14:17, resulting in a triumph over St John's and Hild Bede College Boat Clubs. Whilst their rowing was on point however, it was noted by other member of GCBC that their stash was somewhat lacking and not quite up to the pristine standard of the rest of the club.
Senior Men's Eight
Anna making a fab replacement for their eighth member 

Whilst this year Grey were unable to secure either the Hayward Cup or the Queens Cup - which were awarded to St. Cuthberts and Hild Bede respectively -  they did attain 4 points overall in the cup ranking, levelling them with Collingwood and ensuring domination over Stephenson, St. Chads and arguably most importantly their neighbourhood chums, Butler.

A massive congratulations to all who raced as well as Grey College Boat Club's coaches who have impressively trained such promising amateur rowers and supported squads for the whole club to be proud of. No doubt, GCBC will only build upon their success from Hayward Cup..      

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Boat Camp 2014

In preparation for regatta season Grey college Boat Club went down to Maiden Head for a gruelling week of rowing. The camp tested our crews to their limits but, with three training sessions a day, led to vast improvements for all squads. Crews were shaken up and rearranged as the coaches tried to find the optimal line up, that would hopefully secure victory in the regatta season soon to begin.
The fresher men's eight practicing blade placement 

Many members got their first taste of sculling, unfortunately leading to quite a few capsizes. Others enjoyed the chance to scull and quickly got better. Josh Goswell also exhibited his impressive skills in a single scull.
Laura Fitzgibbon and Hannah Bettridge in a double
Josh doing the Gondola
The use of launches allowed more personalised coaching, which quickly yielded dramatic technical improvements. The open river allowed us to practice side by side racing for the first time and let the freshers experience a wider variety of boats. 

After a week of intense training we left Maiden Head, feeling more confident about the regatta season to come. We would like to thank Maiden Head rowing club and Michael Cannon for their help in making the camp a possibility.

Boat Club Ball

22nd February 2014
The club's ball is part of GCBC's great traditions. As the last event organised by the outgoing social secretaries it had a great atmosphere. Many members of the club returned for a fun night and met people they used to row with and coach, as well as the new members of the club.

The evening started with a reception in Grey college, which welcomed members old and new to the annual ball. After everyone had arrived we headed for Bowburn Hall hotel. Once there we enjoyed an exquisite three course meal followed by the speeches signalling the official hand over of power to the club's new executive. Next the dance floor was opened up, to continue the festivities. Even when the coaches returned everyone to durham most people carried on having a great time by heading straight for the clubs in durham.
Members of GCBC at Bowburn Hall Hotel

The club would like to thank the triad of Jonny Davies, Tim Long and George Hutchinson for their work on this event and on the other events during their year as social secretaries. We would also like to welcome the new club executives to their roles.
Thank you to all who came and we hope you had an entertaining time.

Head Season 2013/2014

The senior squads took part in the Senate Cup on 11th December 2013. Training for this had been hindered by high levels on the Wear, severely reducing water time. Despite this Grey entered two IM3 women's coxed fours, a novice women's coxed four and an IM3 men's coxed four. All crews performed admirably finishing with similar times to some of the best crews in Durham.

On 5th March 2014 it was a chance for the fresher crews to show what they could do after 6 months of training, in Butler Head. The women's four of Milly Alexander, Miriam Cogni, Florence Cook and Katie James and cox Anna Kenton looked like an experienced crew who completed the 1800m course  in a respectable time (beating some of the male crews). They showed promising technique but lacked the raw power which some of the other crews displayed. It was time to hit the gym for the Freshers.

First races for the fresher women

The Fresher men showed some great rowing putting out two novice fours. This was the first time that Robert Cooper, James Quitmann, Harry Dodds and Toby Weston raced together, and it proved to be the beginnings of a very good four.
The fresher men getting ready for the final push

 The highlight of the day was the senior men's four of Tim Peterson, Richard Pearce, Sean Waring Mitchell, Andrew Loucks and cox Rebecca Moore. They won their event with an outstanding performance. They showed great stamina and technical prowess to record a very impressive time.

The Butler Head crew which won the novice coxed fours

The Head season showed off the hard work and effort that the coaches had put in to their squads. Laura Fitzgibbon, Ipek Akay, Richard Pearce, Tim Peterson, Callum Stayton and Josh Goswell used their experience to mould a very impressive collection of squads.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Admiral's Regatta

Admiral's Regatta

River Wear, Durham

19th June 2013

After a slingshot start, the motley pirate crew of Grey College captained by the ever raspy sounding commodore Moore took an early lead in the first race of Admirals regatta 2013. The fresher men’s crew stunned the small crowd as they stormed down the race course, jolly roger flying high, to eventually finish the race 3 lengths ahead of the ill-fated Cuth’s senior boat. Having made it all the way to the finals the crew were not able to pull off a victory and secure one final pot for the Grey trophy cabinet.

Next up to race were the (extra) heavyweight senior men’s crew. Having decided on taking out a restricted training IV they weren't expecting much in the way of a momentous victory, and appeared more interested in their stockpile of Belgium’s finest. However after a speedy start and having taken an early lead, much to the dismay of Hutchinson and Hatch, the crew decided that the prospect of another race was just a little too much for this early morning booze cruise. So to the dawn chorus of a bemused commentator, the crew crawled across the line, tinnies aloft, to a gracious (and predictable) defeat.

Having been put together at the last minute and to the surprise of half the crew, it was the turn of another Grey Senior men’s IV. Having rustled together a mixed bag of costumes resulting in a theme labelled ‘miscellaneous’  the crew set off for the start were a fully race prepared Castle crew awaited them. After a clunky start the crew managed to overhaul their opponents cruising to a comfortable two length victory, this tower of power show was then repeated to storm a similarly well prepared Van Mildert crew.

Next it was the turn of the Senior Women’s VIII. Having actually made an effort to get matching costumes the cast of The Sound of Music made their way to the start line knowing a single victory would secure them an overall win. After a lightning start (and some divine guidance) the crew trounced the crew from St. Mary’s boat club and took home the only Grey pots of the day.

The final race of the day was the college mixed VIII’s, combining a fresher 4 with 4 from the senior women’s crew. Being an eco-conscious/ not-motivated-enough-to-get-more boat club, costumes were reused from previous races resulting in a nuns/cowboys crew. Having entertained the crowds on the way down to the start line the crew lined up against an all too familiar, non-costume-wearing, Castle crew. After a strong start from Castle the Grey boat fell behind by a bow in what would prove to be the most closely fought race of the day. However having narrowly lost to Castle in the final of Durham regatta the fresher boys gave it their all in order to pull off one final act of vindication and claim a momentous win. (The women were good too). After having exhausted themselves the crew rowed straight back to the start to face their next opponents, Van Mildert. With the sun sinking lower than the motivation levels and the pub calling, there was only one course of action for the crew as they lined up for what would be the final race of an inspired season of rowing for Grey College.

Seen as though this will be the last blog post this season, I think it only fair that a special mention go to the Fresher men’s VIII for providing GCBC with possibly the greatest photo ever taken in rowing. 

York Spring Regatta 2013, (No freshers were harmed in the making of this photo)